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Nearby attractions

Harmony of nature - natural attractions

The landscape of meadows, fields and forests, decorated with rivers, lakes and ponds. To those, who seek peaceful and quiet atmosphere, to lovers of rustic pastoral views and closeness to nature, Zamek Biskupi will offer well prepared motor sport trails, hiking and walking trails, bike trails, forest paths, backwoods, and natural places still unconquered by humans.

  • The Podlasie Gorge of the Bug River Scenic Park  -  with the unmodified Bug river, unique in the European scale,  numerous reserves, natural monuments, endemic plant and animal species.
  • The Uszeście Mountain Natural Reserve - postglacial hills, covered with thermophilic Mediterranean and semiarid plants.
  • The Zabuże Natural Reserve - with varied landscape, erratics, deep ravines and the oldest species of old-grown oaks and pines, as old as 150 years.
  • Uroczysko Trojan - the group of several old riverbeds, protected under the "Nature 2000" programme, a habitat to many protected bird species
  • Gnojno - a viewing point at the summit of 30-metre escarpment of the old river valley, with one of the best views of the Bug Valley.
  • Neple - the "Switzerland of Podlasie" natural path leading through forest ravines and oxbow lakes, with views of meanders of Bug and Krzna.


Multicultural heritage – historic attractions

The many-century history of coexistence of various traditions and cultures of  Southern Podlasie is reflected in hospitality of local people, customs and flavours, but also in architectural design.

This magical historical land has small thatched cottages, Tatar graveyards, strongholds concealed in the greenery, viewing points, mysterious boulders, sanctuaries famous for miracles, wooden and brick Catholic and Orthodox churches, cloisters, castles, palaces, mansions, and a world-famous horse stud....

  • Janów Podlaski - with a baroque  Saint Trinity Church, with a grave of a poet, historian and a bishop, Adam Naruszewicz
  • The Arabian Horse Stud in Wygoda, at the borderline of Janów Podlaski -  a trademark for horse lovers and experts
  • Drohiczyn - a historical main town of  Podlasie, with a town and Góra Zamkowa, with a wonderful landscape of the Bug River Valley
  • Biała Podlaska with a historical 17th century Radziwiłł palace estate, small brick houses,churches and the Museum of Southern Podlasie.
  • Leśna Podlaska, Pratulin and the most famous Kodeń – sanctuaries famous for miracles attract pilgrims from all over  Poland; with facilities dating back even to 16th century.
  • Neple -  a 19th century palace estate with a park and a mysterious „stone woman”. Some other mysterious boulders are located also  in Woskrzenice, Pratulin and Cielesnica.
  • Kostomłoty - a 17th century historical Orthodox church, the only neounion Eastern - Byzantine Church parish in the world
  • Jabłeczna - one of the most important Orthodox centres in Poland, with a 19th century Orthodox cloister estate, a 18th century  Orhodox union wooden church, and a wooden windmills
  • Studzianka and Zastawek – corners that remind of intermingling cultures of Podlasie, with Tatar graveyards  - so called mizars
  • Romanów - a palace built at the beginning of the 19th century, the only museum in Poland, of a great writer, J.I. Kraszewski;
  • Roskosz - a palace and court estate erected in the thirties of the 19th century
  • Mielnik– a castle hill with an eleventh century town, an excellent viewing point. The town has ruins of a 16th century church, an 18th century Orthodox union church and a synagogue
  • The Koterka forest area at the borderline with Białoruś, with the most beautiful wooden Orthodox church and a miraculous springlet
  • Uroczysko Zaborek  – „ Podlasie in Miniature”, located amongst waters and woods, with  historic borderland wooden artefacts.
  • The Saint Grabarka Mountain - the most important Orthodox sanctuary in the country, known for its healing properties.


Adventure and activity

The surroundings of Zamek Biskupi offer numerous options for leisure fun, adrenaline or adventure.  For pack tours, apart from natural and historical attractions, we offer: 

  • Riding lessons, or - for advances riders - picturesque and unmatched horse trails
  • Team and chaise riding for those who prefer rustic style trips around the surrounding area.
  • Romantic kayak trips or crazy canoeing  to suit all levels of advancement, on the Bug and Krzna Rivers
  • Catamarans, raft journeys, ferry trips –  for lovers of water attractions  in a less demanding style
  • Abseiling over the Bug - for those who seek adrenaline and a close contact with nature
  • Cruises – for fans of "wild river" landscapes and spectacular views
  • Hang Gliding for those, who want to see the spectacular Podlasie with bird's eye
  • Fishing is relaxation, so that one could feel that they belong to the landscapes and history, just like the locals. 
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